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Company Overview
Wuxi langgao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Wuxi Libiao Fine Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.) was established in 2005, specializing in the research, design, manufacture of fluid chemical equipment such as dispersion, grinding, emulsification and mixing, as well as the research, design, manufacture, sales and services of complete sets of equipment. It is widely used in paint, ink, resin, pigment, food, daily chemical, pesticide, adhesive and other industries.
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We have established Shanghai Yichi Industrial Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yishang Industrial Co., Ltd. in Shanghai to better provide high-quality products and services to domestic and foreign customers.
If you have any questions about equipment parameters or processes, please feel free to consult and discuss together for research
Provide High-Quality Products And Services For Fine Chemicals And Related Fields
Factory direct sales with superior quality and low price, more reassuring
Can be customized according to non-standard requirements
Commitment to providing full after-sales support
Various product specifications are complete, and inventory is sufficient
The company specializes in the research, design, manufacturing of fluid chemical equipment such as dispersion, grinding, emulsification, and stirring, as well as the research, design, manufacturing, sales, and service of complete equipment.
Product Search
You only need to enter the product keyword or product model or part number to find the Langao intelligent equipment product you need.
Our Advantages
Focused on providing fluid chemical equipment system solutions
The company team is composed of a group of professional and senior equipment engineers, who can provide you with a series of services such as detailed product introduction, process consultation, and pre-sales experiments.
We provide you with experience in using equipment and relevant technical parameters in your industry, as well as solutions for process flow, equipment selection and transformation, and overall factory output. After signing the contract, the project manager will provide you with one-on-one services.
after-sale service
You can call our company hotline (137 6125 2823) 24 hours a day, and professional engineers can answer your questions and help you solve your problems. Provide a twelve month full free warranty and lifelong maintenance. Outside the warranty period, only costs and labor fees will be charged.
Product advantages
Strong technical research and development capabilities, with the vast majority of products being independently developed and continuously updated and improved according to customer requirements. Strong production and processing capabilities, various processing machines, CNC polishing machines for car washing, etc.
Guided by customer service and concentrating resources on a competitive market, we can install various brand accessories according to your actual needs. For detailed prices, please consult:137 6125 2823(Mr shi)
We have high-quality products and services, as well as a strong pursuit of future potential products and the ability to achieve mass production. Looking forward to developing together with you and achieving a win-win situation.
Industry Application Solution Cases
Our company has comprehensive and feasible solutions for the following industries. You can inquire by phone or letter: (0) 137 6125 2823 (Mr shi)
Without your industry, you can also contact Us. Experts who have been working for more than 20 years will answer your questions and learn and explore together!
News updates and announcements
Quickly convey to you the latest news and product information from Wuxi Langgao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. so that you can stay up-to-date with the latest information you need in a shorter period of time.
Thank you for your support of our work. Please fill in the following information truthfully and in detail so that we can accurately reply to your information in a faster time. Alternatively, you can now call 13771011018 (Mr. Zhu) to communicate directly with us
1、 What precautions do you need to know before purchasing?
The equipment is priced as a reference for selection only, and the specific price specified in the contract shall prevail.

2、 How long will it take to receive the goods after purchase, and is there any stock available?
After purchasing the design, a contract is signed, with the delivery date as the main delivery date. The on-site installation of equipment, consumables, and construction are agreed upon in the contract.
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